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What's new in DFS Training for 4th Quarter 2009

Several significant changes have been made to existing courseware and new courses will be offered for the first time.

DFS-098 "HSS Overview" Originally a 1-day orientation course designed to support new and prospective customers having practically zero experience with DFS products. The course has been extended to 2-days and redesigned from the ground up. The revised course is designed to indoctrinate and train personnel who are unfamiliar with DFS products overall, but do not need to know how to operate the central workstation. This is a good training class for mechanics, electricians, and maintenance personnel whose primary SCADA involvement is with remote stations, not the central or base station. Emphasis is placed on remote terminals, radio communications, and automatic controls. If you don't have a DFS HSS user name and password, this is the course for you. Typical student profile - New employee or new to DFS-style SCADA remote equipment.

DFS-101 "HSS Workstation Operator" NEW 2-DAY COURSE. This course is similar in intent to DFS-098, except the emphasis is on the person who will be operating the central workstation and will be given a user name and password. As specified by the course title, this is an operator's class. Typical student profile - New employee or new to DFS-style SCADA central equipment.

DFS-100 "HSS Basic Operations" Basic ops is unchanged. If the role the person will have in DFS SCADA is undetermined, basic ops is the best choice for initial training. Currently offered in conjunction with new installations or upgrades, this is the best overall 2-day training experience for new customers. Small and rural public works organizations are automatically offered this training because of the cross-training culture of smaller workgroups.

DFS-301 "HSS Advanced Operator" NEW 4-DAY COURSE. As implied by the title, this is DFS SCADA operator training. Two courses are combined into one: DFS-101 + DFS-200 = DFS-301. The graduate is trained to operate the central to the fullest extent necessary for plant and remote operations. DFS-200 is the same advanced training offered to technicians. This is the ideal DFS operator training for all utilities regardless of size. DFS-650 is a combination of all operator training, including screen building, offered in a 5-day format.

DFS-601 "HSS Supervisor" NEW 1-DAY COURSE. If you have been given the MGR user name and password, this course teaches how to use it. In small or rural utilities the Director and/or Superintendent are usually the only personnel having access to MGR-level SCADA HMI processes. In larger organizations, Information Technology (IT) specialists, workgroup leaders, analysts, engineers, and other professionals may have MGR access. A typical training session for a new to DFS Superintendent would be DFS-100 or 101 with his or her subordinates followed by 1-day of individual MGR training. The prospective MGR must have basic operations training as a minimum prerequisite.

For more information on all of our course and to schedule a training session, visit our Training page.

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