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The goal of the DFS Customer Training Program is to present technical information, and ultimately, enable the customer to operate and maintain the DFS SCADA system without the need of outside technical assistance.

The program is supported by human instructors and product-oriented courseware. All training is available at our home office or your location.

DFS training qualifies for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits through the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association (FSAWWA). This accreditation may be extended to other regions as necessary.

DFS technical training courses are in Microsoft PowerPoint format with "hands-on" practical exercises. For customer site training, DFS requests that a comfortable space be provided with AC power and seating for all students. The instructor will install the Mobile Training System (MTS) and multimedia presentation equipment (if none is available).

The objective of troubleshooting training is to isolate failure(s) and replace defective units as fast as possible. Students will be afforded the highest level of access to the Mobile Training System. The customer-owned in-service SCADA system is not required for any training exercises.

All DFS training courses require basic computer skills in the Microsoft environment. If students lack familiarity with computers and software applications, consult the DFS Customer Service Manager.

The training program is managed in four different elements:

1. On-Site Training (OST)

All DFS training courses can be brought to your home location. Our Mobile Training System consists of a SCADA Central and a number of remote terminals. Students receive "hands-on" training without having to disrupt the operation of any in-service equipment.

See DFS Course Catalog for details.

2. DFS Factory Training (DFT)

All DFS training courses are offered at our Melbourne training facility. DFT courses are 5-day pipelines consisting of 2 or 3 courses delivered Monday through Friday back-to-back. DFT courses may be offered at your home location if feasible.

See DFS Course Catalog for details.

3. Free Training Courses

All free training courses qualify for CEUs and have additional fees if CEUs are purchased.

  • Hyper SCADA Server Refresher is offered four times each year (January, April, July, and October).
  • HyperTACII to HyperTAC3 Conversion.
  • RF Test Equipment Familiarization (offered with purchase of equipment).

4. Professional Development Training (PDT)

FSAWWA sponsored training taught on-site for CEU credit. FSAWWA schedules dates and location.

See DFS Course Catalog for enrollment and additional information.

From the Training Desk

February 23, 2017

Examination Program Revision. Big changes are coming to our written examination program effective immediately. The success rate of the first exam program (Release 1) had a less than 50% pass/completion rate. This is not what we wanted. The exam was intended to be a prodigious opportunity to review the training and see what the students retain 60 days after the class. Exams do have a stigma attached to them and we want to overcome this problem. Release 2 of the exam program provides for local grading; putting more control in the hands of the supervisor/proctor. An answer key will be forwarded with the exam package. The proctor shall report to DFS via email when testing is completed. This should relieve some of the anxiety and validate that management is involved in training. The DFS Course Catalog reflects the changes to the program.

Ladder Logic Training Extension. Due to widespread outlook, the length of the HSS Ladder Logic course has been extended to 5 days. Students will appreciate the unhurried delivery rate and have more time for practice and project development.

Certification Program Status. As a matter of uniformity and trade jargon, certifying personnel will be described in the following manner:

Booster - Trained but not certified; apprentice

Simplex - Certified one of the three specialties (HSS, TCU or RTU); journeyman

Duplex - Certified a combination of any two specialties; senior

Triplex - Certified all specialties (HSS, TCU, & RTU); prospective Master

Master - Certified all specialties and more; Panel Integration, Ladder Logic, & PLC

As of the date of this article, 69 personnel have met or exceeded Simplex status. Seven have achieved Master status. Booster status numbers are in the hundreds since 2005 when the formal training program started. The primary goal of the certification program is to build a DFS Master Technician cadre. Consult the course catalog for detailed information on technical certification with DFS.

CEU Update. The following DFS Courses have been revised, therefore changing the value of Continuing Education Units (CEUs):

Course Title FSAWWA No. CEU Value
HSS Ladder Logic 05112778 4.0

Thanks for supporting the DFS training program.

Bill Johnston

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