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Grinder or Vacuum Sewer System SCADA

If you are searching for a complete SCADA Solution to monitor the health of your Grinder or Vacuum sewer system, look no further...

Grinder Sewer System SCADA

Grinder sewer systems are common in commercial and residential situations where a gravity system is not feasible. Grinder systems also utilize a much smaller pump package, but on a greater scale, which may make the use and cost of traditional SCADA RTUs less practical. For this purpose, DFS has developed the Small Area Mesh (SAM) SCADA system.


In a SAM SCADA system the remote stations communicate with the central site through a combination of wireless mesh networking, and one or more Coordinators utilizing VHF radio or Ethernet. The Coordinator passes messages from each remote station (possibly hundreds) to the Hyper SCADA Server (HSS).

Mesh Communication

The SAM SCADA System uses wireless mesh networking to relay remote data from each node (a SAM001) to a Coordinator. Each SAM001 in the mesh network and takes part in the distribution of data. With typical mesh networks, all nodes are generally within range of multiple other nodes, which allows for many possible paths to the Coordinator. Mesh networking can solve communication problems caused by terrain, foliage, and buildings.


The SAM001 has an integrated PCB-microstrip antenna and XBee-PRO 900HP RF module that supports the DigiMesh© wireless networking protocol. The SAM001 incorporates the following features:

  • (4) digital inputs and (1) analog input
  • Integrated radio with PCB-microstrip antenna
  • Self-healing mesh networking
  • Network discovery mode for determining best possible signal route
  • Coordinator synchronized sleep mode for battery power conservation
  • Collect and stores status changes during sleep mode
  • Battery voltage and temperature monitoring
  • Three software-controlled LEDs
  • Real-time clock
  • Time-tagged digital and analog events
  • Remote program update


The Coordinator incorporates a central mesh network radio for communicating with the SAM001 remotes, and a VHF radio or Ethernet device for communicating with the Hyper SCADA Server (HSS). The Coordinator(s) are typically located in and among the wireless mesh networking, allowing the VHF radio or Ethernet communications to make the long haul back to the HSS.

Hyper SCADA Server

The Hyper SCADA Server (HSS) is a self-contained, modularized, SCADA Server with HMI Software that's packaged in a protective wall-mounted enclosure. The user interface is a typical Desktop PC connected to the HSS using any one of the multiple connectivity options available to the user. Please see Hyper SCADA Server for more information about this product.

Vacuum Sewer System SCADA

DFS has developed a version of this system for updated valve pits utilized in AIRVAC Vacuum Sewer Systems. For all vacuum sewer SCADA applications, please contact AIRVAC-Aqseptence Group, Inc. at (813) 855-6297.