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HT3 SCADA Software

HT3 is the successor to our popular HyperTAC II system software.

HT3 offers:

Many customers wished for a way to use more of the working area made possible by today's larger, high resolution monitors. The new layout of the HT3 user interface makes this wish a reality. Custom screens are free to be as wide as the monitor allows. Many other parts of the system have also been expanded to better use the screen.

Custom screens have been enhanced to load historical trend data in the background so you can view your screen immediately.

All of the tools found in HyperTAC II are still in HT3, but more tools are now available to aid in the service and maintenance of the system. The new tools available include:

  • System Stats Viewer
  • Registry Editor
  • Station Configuration Report
  • Modbus Map
  • Digipeat Map
  • Expanded Camera Support

Behind the scenes we've moved to a new operating system. This up-to-date version of Linux provides HT3 with enhanced security that is especially valuable to customers who choose to access their system through the Internet.

Customers have long wanted to access their system when on the go. With the emergence of wireless networking, mobile Internet devices and smart phones that can browse the Internet, today's technology makes that possible. Some users have accessed HyperTAC II through the Internet, but security concerns and the necessity of supporting Java limited its success. Security concerns have been addressed with a more secure operating system, and a new streamlined interface negates the need for Java support. See your DFS representative for more information.

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Data Flow Systems has introduced Symphony™ Harmonious Pump and Flow Management, a patented technology, to their selection of SCADA features. Symphony™ uses SCADA to coordinate the activities of wastewater pump stations operating on a common force main. Symphony™ replaces pump stations' random controls with an elegant synchronization scheme that prevents pump stations from working against each other.

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Data Flow Systems is proud to offer HT3 to its valued customers. Contact your representative today to schedule a demonstration of this exceptional new product and discuss upgrading to HT3.