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Telemetry Control Unit (TCU001)

TCU Telemetry Control Unit - TCU001 all-in-one pump controller

The TCU combines Automated pump control functions with advanced
SCADA communications to provide a powerful, price-competitive solution.

DFS is an industry leader in providing pump controllers for thousands of pumping stations installed and operating nationwide. The Telemetry Control Unit (TCU), a SCADA ready pump controller, is designed specifically for level management applications such as Sewer Pump Stations, Lift Stations and Water Storage Tanks.

* Pump Controller-based RTU

* Integrated SCADA Communication

Easy to Understand, Install & Use

* Incredible Built-in Features

Intuitive Pump Motor Protection

* Free Factory Support for Life

The Telemetry Control Unit (TCU) is a state-of-the-art pump controller designed to automate the operation of simplex, duplex and triplex sewer pumping stations. The TCU provides "off-the-shelf" control of a typical fixed speed pumping station. The TCU is also customizable for Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) applications.

The TCU contains all of the necessary hardware and software to control pumps based on level input from floats, bubblers, or pressure transducers. An integrated True RMS AC phase monitor provides accurate three-phase voltage readings and under/overvoltage motor protection. Its intuitive operator interface presents the operation menu, set-point adjustment, fault resets, and status indication. The H.O.A. switches are fail-safe and remain functional even if the TCU is not powered.

SCADA-ready with open Modbus RTU and ASCII protocols, the TCU is also available with optional factory integrated TAC II synthesized radio, network interface adapter, telephone autodialer, or a Verizon cellular modem.

When utilized in the DFS TAC II SCADA System, TCU’s are used to coordinate the system-wide operation of sewer pumping stations for the purpose of reducing force main pressures and equalizing flow into a wastewater treatment plant. The result is a significant reduction in energy costs and a solution to daily peak-flow problems.


  • TCU001 (Telemetry Control Unit)
  • TAC Pack TCU (TCU with integrated synthesized radio)
  • TCU001-IP (TCU with integrated network interface)
  • TCU001-AD (TCU with integrated autodialer)
  • TCU001-C: TCU001 with integrated Verizon cellular modem (requires monthly data plan)


  • Easy to understand, install and use
  • No PLC knowledge required
  • Multiple operation profiles
  • Redundant level sensing
  • Configurable pump alternation
  • Digital elapsed time meters
  • True RMS 3-phase monitoring
  • Alarm light and horn control
  • Back-up battery & charger
  • Free TCU configuration software
  • Upload/download settings with Laptop
  • Configurable via on-board keypad
  • Free factory support for life of product
  • Three year parts and labor warranty
  • Three year lightning damage warranty
  • Expandable I/O Interface
  • RS-485 Modbus Serial Radio Interface
  • Customizable for VFD applications

Operator Interface

The TCU’s large 4-line x 20-character LCD and 12-button keypad provide an operator interface for configuring the TCU, viewing status, and viewing and resetting alarms. An onboard temperature sensor controls the LCD’s contrast to ensure that the LCD screen is easy to read in both high and low temperature conditions.

Technical Specifications


5.75" X 8.75" X 5.45"

Supply voltage

120VAC +/-10%


60 HZ



Power consumption

20 Watts (with integrated Radio)

3-Phase monitor

240 VAC / 480 VAC using external resistors

Battery backup

12 VDC

Analog inputs

4-20mA@250ohm /1-5V @100Kohm; both inputs are 12-bit accurate

Digital input voltages

10 - 30 volts AC/DC ~ 30 - 300 volts AC/DC with external resistors

Digital input impedance

6K ohms

Digital outputs

120-240VAC, 60HZ, 1A, Pilot Duty


100 mA

RS-232 interface

9600 baud serial interface for radio connection

Default Settings: ASCII protocol, 9600 baud, 7 data bits, Odd parity, 2 stop bits

Optional Settings (must be set at the factory): RTU protocol, 9600 baud, 8 data bits, E/O/N parity, 1 stop bit

RS-485 interface

9600 baud serial interface for communication to Modbus ASCII devices


24 VDC at 60 mA (100 mA max), unregulated, isolated

Input protection

M.O.V., Transorb (Transient Voltage Suppressor), and Opto-isolated

Alarm relays

120VAC, 60HZ, 0.5A, Tungsten

Alarm light / horn

Normally closed contacts

LCD w/keypads

Liquid Crystal Display; keypad is used to page through programmed menu items


34 LEDs provide system status at a glance: AC Power Status, CPU Fault Status, RX Data & TX Data Status, Alarm Status, Digital Input Status (12), Digital Output Status (6), Pump Run Status (3), Well Level Status (8)

H-O-A switches

3 x 3-position switches hardwired to 3 solid state control points for HOA operation

Environmental conditions

Ambient operating temperature range:-10°C (14°F) to 60°C (140°F). The upper temperature limit is 50°C (122°F) when using the recommended backup battery. Note that the LCD display may become unreadable at temperatures below 0°C.

Relative humidity: 0-100%

Atmospheric pressure: 75-106 KPa

Overvoltage Category II

Pollution Degree 2

Surge Tested

EMI Suspectibility to IEC61000-4-5 Surge Immunity Tests

Safety Approval

UL listed for Process Control Equipment (UL1092)

Service Port

RS-232 interface for diagnostics, configuration storage, and updating. Configuration files can be transferred between the TCU and a computer.


Three (3) Year Return to Factory Warranty covers defective parts, workmanship and lightning damage .