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Cellular SCADA System

Cellular SCADA System

Data Flow Systems, Inc. offers a simple, effective, and low-cost solution for monitoring remote sites that a conventional radio-based SCADA system can't reach.

Our RDP180-C cell RTUs enable utilities and companies with extended service areas to monitor their remote sites, especially in locations where a conventional radio-based solution is not a viable option.

Simple, Effective, and Low Cost

The RDP180-C Cellular RTU is a simple, effective and low cost solution for remote monitor and control. Cellular networks and the Internet deliver data and information about your equipment 24/7/365. Alarm conditions are reported immediately via email, phone, and text message. The system's historical data is collected and stored for reporting, trending and analysis.

You Own the Data

Other cellular SCADA companies use servers that they own or rent, often located in other states, to collect and store your system data. OCS provides a server that is securely located in your facility. Your data is collected and stored onsite, and easily accessed directly over your internal network. The server incorporates an SQL database, allowing other ODBC capable applications to query system data.

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