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Stormwater System

Stormwater System

Water restrictions, pollution control, volume balances, and the emergence of stormwater collection have lead to yet another use for SCADA Systems. The SCADA System we installed automates the pumping of collected stormwater from multiple pump stations to a storage location.

The overall operation is similar to a sewer collection system. At each stormwater pump station, storm drains flows into a local wet well. The wet-well is outfitted with a level monitoring device such as floats or transducer. Each stormwater pump station has two pumps that operate in a lead/lag scenario. The RTU monitors well level, controls the operation of pumps based on level, alternates pumps, and reports status data back to the SCADA System server for data analysis and reporting purposes.

With the use of this system, water stored in stormwater ponds or tanks is not discharged to surface waters because it is used to meet water demands, such as, lawn irrigation, environmental protection, agriculture, drinking and industrial uses.