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Elevated Storage Tank Automation

Elevated Storage Tank Automation

SCADA Systems are often used to maintain water storage tank levels with offsite well pump stations. The SCADA system we installed monitors and controls the water level in the elevated storage tank, provides tank level control from several offsite well pump stations, allows operators to specify set-points, displays graphical representations of the tank and the system, provides alarm features, and generates trending and historical data.

The system is programmed to start and stop well pumps based on operator-adjustable tank level set-points. The pressure transmitter continuously measures a tank level variable and transmits a 4-20 mA signal representing the level to the local RTU.

RTUs were installed at each offsite Well location. For each given well pump, there is a start and stop command based on tank level and an alternation scheme. The system monitors the tank level and controls pumps according to the set-points. If the tank level drops, the system activates a pump, monitors the levels, and stops the pump. It also monitors for potential pump failures or failure conditions, and keeps track of the pump usage for allotment purposes. Operator override pump control and pump disable is permitted.