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Lift Station Upgrade

Lift Station Upgrade

In thousands of cases, DFS has upgraded existing Lift Station panels with our TCU pump controller. The TCU is a microprocessor-based multi-pump controller designed to operate up to three pumps. When outfitted with the optional integrated digital radio, the TCU functions as an RTU and is referred to as the TAC Pack TCU. This TCU is designed for stand-alone operation and does not require SCADA to operate the station.

DFS integrated the TCU pump controller into the existing LS panel to assume complete control of the lift station operation. During its installation, DFS removed the existing control hardware (relay logic, alternator, phase monitor, etc...). All of the removed parts are incorporated functions of the TCU pump controller. The existing or new floats and/or level transducer are utilized for level indication.

A 4x20 LCD display on the TCU provides an operator with the elapsed runtime of each pump, the average runtime of each pump, the flow of each pump, the flow of the station and the time of day. In fact, all configuration parameters are operator adjustable via an on-board front mounted keypad, an RS-232 service port, and remotely via SCADA operator interface.

DFS provided a complete pump controller retrofit installation, including the radio study, tower and antenna installation. When completely new control panels are constructed for a station, DFS ships the TCU to the control panel fabricator for a seamless in-house integration at their facility. The TCU pump controller package provides the utility with a reliable operation and ease of maintenance.