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Return Authorizations

The services of Data Flow Systems' Test/Repair Department, with its well-trained and well-equipped staff of technicians, is available to our customers to inspect and recondition damaged products. DFS offers one of the best warranties in the industry and we stand behind our products 100%. Damaged products may be returned to Data Flow Systems to be repaired or replaced during or after the warranty period. For questions and instructions on returning products, see the Return Authorization (RA) procedure below.

DFS issues an RA number for each product that is being returned. The RA number is the confirmation that DFS is expecting specific equipment and information to be returned to them for the purpose of repair or replacement. It also provides a tracking number for customers to account for material delivered to DFS for repair. Please retain this number for inquiries pertaining to returned equipment.

All RA's are subject to standard shipping and handling charges. Minimum handling charges will be assessed, in most cases, for work such as Radio Tuning, Backplanes, "No Problem Found," and other minor repairs. Standard shipping and handling charges will be waived on warranty equipment. Standard shipping charges will be based on UPS ground. At an added cost, other methods of shipping are available (UPS Red, FedEx, freight…). Standard cost of repairs and shipping charges can be obtained by contacting our RA Department by phone or e-mail.

Use the following procedure in the event you have failing DFS equipment:

Step 1:

Replace the failed item with a spare of the same type, if one is available.

Step 2:

Contact Data Flow Systems Inc. in one of the following ways to receive an RA number.


An RA# can be received by e-mailing DFS at and must include the following information.

  • Customer/Utility Name and Ship to Address
  • Contact Name and Phone Number
  • Products to be returned and Serial Numbers
  • Detailed description of failure
  • PO#


An RA# will be issued over the phone by calling DFS at 321-259-5009 during normal operating hours. The following information will be needed.

  • Customer/Utility Name and Ship to Address
  • Contact Name and Phone Number
  • Products to be returned and Serial Numbers
  • Detailed description of failure
  • PO#

Note: The lack of "Detailed description of failure" could result in the return of equipment due to the inability to properly determine the nature of the failure or testing resulting in "No Problem Found."

Step 3:

Wrap the item(s) individually with foam or bubble wrap. Pack the item(s) in a sturdy box filled with popcorn-type or bubble wrap packing material. Include a packing slip with the following information:

  • Customer/Utility Name and Ship to Address
  • Product being returned, serial number, detailed description of failure, and RA number
  • Shipping instructions (shipping costs greater than UPS ground are charged to the customer)

Step 4:

Address the box to:

RA Department
Data Flow Systems, Inc.
605 N John Rodes Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32934

Step 5:

Ship the box to DFS using any typical shipping carrier (i.e. UPS, FedEx, etc.). If circumstances permit, have a DFS employee hand carry the package to the headquarters for you. NOTE: DFS employees are not permitted to hand carry unpacked equipment.

Step 6:

Anticipate the RA turnaround time to be approximately two weeks from receipt of material to ship. If additional information is required during the repair of the equipment, the RA Department will contact you.

To get information on the progress of any of your equipment in for repair, contact the DFS - RA Department at:

  • 321-259-5009 - have the RA number handy when you call
  • - include the RA number in the subject line of your message

Replacement of equipment may be necessary in the event that the equipment and/or parts cannot be repaired. Warranty equipment will be replaced without prior notification as warranty replacement. You will be notified by phone if equipment not under warranty cannot be repaired with information on available options.

DFS reserves the right to return any material received without an RA# or not conforming to the requirements of this RA process.